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Automatic Defence and destroy system with RADAR using Ultrasonic sensor

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Mobile Operated Notice Board

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Design And Development Of Wireless Car Jack

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The receiver decodes the signals before feeding it to another DC motor via motor driver IC for necessary work. The motor driver IC is interfaced to the decoder IC for receiving signals and delivering desired output for direction control of the DC motor. Furthermore, the project can be enhanced by using mobile phones we can control the direction of jack.

The car jack is a very important device all vehicle owners must have to help in servicing their car when the need arises. The need for the car jack is often necessitated by flat tires that need repair or replacement. Other cases include repairs that will require going under the vehicle and so to get access to such areas, the car jack is needed.

The type of the car jack used will determine the amount of physical labor to operate them to raise the car to the required height and most times result in much exertion from the individuals and need more energy . The objective of this work is to include electronic control with necessary mechanisms that will make the job of jacking cars for maintenance easier and friendly. The system will control the upward movement of the car jack through a remote control.

This project will conduct a creation of remote controlled car jack that will give benefits to all car owner so that they can do process of changing tyre easily, faster and more effective.


  • To conserve energy and save time through the use of remote control car jack.
  • To use sensor at car jack for purpose of detecting suitable height of car.
  • To use a motor to make the jack operates automatically.


  • RF transmitter
  • RF receiver
  • Regulator
  • Relay module





The project is designed to control the direction of car jack by using a RF technology for remote operation with a transmitter and receiver. The direction of the DC motor is depending on signal which is coming from transmitter. Hence, if the relay1 y gets ON then the motor rotates in forward direction. And if relay2 gets ON then the motor rotates in backward direction.

This project uses the above principle to control the direction of the jack by using RF module. At the transmitter side we are using encoder IC through which the signal is encoded and transmitted with the help of RF transmitter. At receiver side we are using decoder IC through which the signals are decoded coming from RF transmitter. At the transmitting end using push buttons, signals are sent to the receiver to control the direction of the jack and make it move forward / backward.  An RF transmitter acts as a remote control that has the advantage of adequate range (up to 200 meters) with proper antenna.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 500 × 200 × 400 cm