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8051 Microcontroller Overview

The 8051 microcontroller, developed by Intel in 1981, is an 8-bit microcontroller renowned for its versatility. Often referred to as a “system on a chip,” it incorporates 40 DIP (Dual Inline Package) pins, 128 bytes of RAM, 4K bytes of on-chip ROM, two timers, one serial port, and 4 ports (8-bit wide), all integrated onto a single chip.

Key Features

– 8-bit architecture
– 40 DIP pins
– 128 bytes of RAM
– 4K bytes of on-chip ROM
– Two timers
– One serial port
– Four parallel 8-bit ports
– Onboard 12 MHz crystal oscillator

 8051 Pin Diagram

Pin Configuration
The 8051 microcontroller utilizes a 40-pin PDIP (Plastic Dual Inline Package) configuration to facilitate various I/O operations. Among these pins, 32 are dedicated to I/O operations, while the remaining 8 serve specific functions.

Pin Functions
1. **Vcc:** Power supply voltage pin
2. **GND:** Ground pin
3. **XTAL1:** Crystal oscillator input
4. **XTAL2:** Crystal oscillator output
5. **RST:** Reset pin
6. **EA:** External Access pin
7. **ALE/PROG:** Address Latch Enable/Program pin
8. **PSEN:** Program Store Enable pin

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  • Configurable Password Security System
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  • Thyristor Based Cyclo Converter
  • Remote Controlled Induction Motor Controller
  • Induction Motor Timer Using Auto Delta Star Starter
  • Multi-Power Supply Using 4 Different Sources
  • IR Remote Thyristor Power Controller
  • Controlling Induction Motor Power Through Thyristor
  • ZVS Based 3 Stage Solid State Relay
  • DC Motor Speed Controller
  • Cycle Switching Without Harmonics For Industrial Power Control
  • Thyristor Firing Angle Control For Battery Charging
  • Street light automatic intensity controller
  • Security Access Control Using RFID Project
  • Attendance System Based On RFID Project
  • RFID Based Passport Project
  • Android Military Spying & Bomb Disposal Robot
  • Automating Homes Using RF
  • RF Based Secure Door Opener System
  • RF Secure Coded Communication System
  • Load Control System Using DTMF
  • Voice Controlled Home Automation
  • DTMF Cell Phone Based Door Opener
  • Remote Vehicle Control Through Cell Phone
  • Dialled Telephone Number Display On 7 Segment
  • Digitally Controlled Home Automation Project
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  • Android Controlled Robotic Arm
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  • System To Measure Solar Power
  • Controlling Solar Energy Charge
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  • Robot Controlled By Android Application
  • Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot
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